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Barney Haynes

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Barney Haynes





Max Patches from class 








Comments (5)

Andrea Williams said

at 6:59 pm on Sep 23, 2009

Sorry to miss class last night but with my bad head cold my face would have been some majorly disruptive sound art.

Alfred Ham said

at 6:21 pm on Sep 24, 2009

hi barney...I wont be able to be in class today because I have to pick my friend up at the airport
and there isn't anyone he knows around here, but me. I will see u next week!

cwang2@... said

at 8:24 pm on Oct 5, 2009

sorry sure, i couldn't make it to the class today, because of the weather has been changing so random, i'm having a really bad sick since last week, apologize for the late notice, i was trying to go to class, but i have been dizzy the whole day, don't want to puke in the class because of the no-air classroom, sorry for the absence.

Andrea Williams said

at 10:24 am on Oct 17, 2009

Hi Barney, I just sent you an e-mail to your cca address from lemurz66@yahoo.com I'm no spamrobot, please read it. Thanks! ~A~

Katy Chmura said

at 6:19 pm on Dec 4, 2009

Hey Barney,
I'm having a computer issue so I'll send you an e-mail to Bhaynes@cca.edu. I'm guessing thats your e-mail?If not, let me know.

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