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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 07:15PM - 10:15PM, Founder's Hall, Room 304


Monday / Wednesday


Student Pages

Tuesday / Thursday


Student Pages




Stuff Shown in Class


Artist Presentations 

The 'artist presentation' page is where you can edit, and add to your research on a the artist you presented in class.  I have copied everyones content ( who presented this Wednesday night ) to this page.  You are free to delete it from your own wiki page to 'clean up' or leave it there for your inspiration.



Because this page is shared with everyone, please be carfull when editing your content not to mess up other folks contributions.



LINKS mentioned in class:

  • Cycling74 The authors of Max/MSP and Jitter.  lots of support in the forums and the place to download your very own copy of the software.
  • MakingThings Support for the make Boards and lots of resources for the countless way to use it.
  • Arduino The opensource cult of the Arduino micro controller!  This is a great place to find demos and hacks for specific sensors and actuators as well as all the support you would expect for the Arduino.
  • Hackaday This is a great source for inspirational trinkets as well as finding specific answers in their archives.  A good RSS if you roll like that
  • Barney's List of research links when stuck, scanning this page is like WD40 and an impact driver.
  • Make Magazine lots of projects, check out the paper versions in the library.
  • Sparkfun you need/they have 


This is whack!




Here is the website:



I'll move this to my page in a week or two. It seemed relevant to a few projects so I thought I would foist it front and center.






Wednesday 9-23 7:30pm


Mark Paline of SRL

Timothy Childs - Technology and Chocolate

Michael Ang - Light, Attraction and Emotion place:


Pier 17

San Francisco, CA 94111


Grey Area Foundation for the Arts

Inaugural Opening

Friday October 2nd | 6 to 10  |  55 Taylor ST SFCA

A new venue featuring Technology and Art


Don Day Barney Haynes

North Pitney

From The Catalog:

In this class we will focus on designing and fabricating interactive and kinetic artwork. Students will learn how to design and implement hybrid art systems that can use computers or circuits to interface with sensors, motors, video, sound, pneumatics and lights. Basic skills include: electronics, mechanical engineering, metal fabrication, fabrication and design strategies, computer programming (with object-based applications) and control of media. Field trips to military/industrial salvage yards and artist studios and visits from artists will augment technical instruction, lab time and theoretical discourse. Topics include: the nature of interfaces, narration in random access environments, the poetic potential in electromechanical devices, interactivity and isolation, and integrating time-based mediums.


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