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Tuesday, September 1

Barney,Don,North: Introduction to the class

* Delineation of the 3 areas of concentration / departure

* Expectations: Assignments and show

* Possible strategies and models

Barney: Computers and the Hybrid Lab

Don: Power & Control and Electro Safety

North: Fabricating Electromechanical devices

Thursday, September 3

History of interactive art

Tuesday, September 8,

Exquisite Corpse Augmention notes with questions for your future self

Thursday, September 10

Wiki Homework and  wiki response to Lockhart and Multimedia : From Wagner to Virtual Reality Due

Friday, September 11, 4-6 pm


10 Arkansas Street at 16th

Studio F Courtyard

Tuesday, September 15

Arthur Ganson visit

This is a chance to meet with one of the most respected and accomplished artists in the world working with kinetics and automata.  He is a very generous person who delights in engaging at all levels of discussion around all the themes with which we are engaged with during our semester's work together. 

Thursday, September 17

Post to your wiki all materials for your Artist presentation.

Each student will be expected to show a work by some artists or group that they can justify as relevant and compelling.


Links to Links to assist you with your research:


Tuesday, September 22

Intro to MAX

Thursday, September 24

Max: Logic

Tuesday, September 29

MakeBoard, Output

Thursday, October 1


Tuesday, October 6


Thursday, October 8

Designing for Motion

Tuesday, October 13

Sensing and Measurement

Active Sernsors

     Infrared ranging

          3-40cm distance

          15-150cm distance

     Hall Effect Magnetic field

          Allegro A1321

Thursday, October 15

Max+MakeBoard: Input, smoothing and filters

Tuesday, October 20

Random Motion Assignments


Identify and bring in for a class presentation something that moves unpredictably - it can be mechanical, a household object, fabricated or found. Don't forget heat rises, light is very fast and gravity tends to make things fall. One caveat however, this project should be a combination, collage or construction of multiple components. For instance, a toy or a balloon in and of itself would not suffice, but an interaction between the two would.


“Anyone who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin”

   John von Neumann





Definition of Randomness R1: A random finite binary string is one that cannot be compressed into a program smaller than itself,

   that is, that is not the unique output of a program without any input, a program whose size in bits is smaller than the size in bits of its output.

Definition of Randomness R2: A random n-bit string is one that has maximum or near maximum complexity.

   In other words, an n-bit string is random if its complexity is approximately equal to the maximum complexity of any n-bit string.

Thursday, October 22

Final Project Consultations

Please follow Final Project Proposal Guidelines.

     1. 7:20 Henry

     2. 7:35 Harry

     3. 7:50 Sebastian

     4. 8:05 Maria

     5. 8:20 Jeff

     - 8:35 break

     6. 9:00

     7. 9:15

     8. 9:30

     9. 9:45

Tuesday, October 27

Final Project Consultations

Please followFinal Project Proposal Guidelines.

     1. 7:20 Dean

     2. 7:35 Rachel

     3. 7:50 Lico

     4. 8:05 Fred

     5. 8:20 Erin

     - 8:35 break

     6. 9:00 Andrea

     7. 9:15 Ryan

     8. 9:30 Justin

     9. 9:45 Alfred



Thursday, October 29

In class project presentations

Tuesday, November 3

Max/Jitter: Video tracking

Thursday, November 5

Max/MSP: Sound

Tuesday, November 10

Materials and Fabrication

Planning to learn and invent (a tinkerers model)

Thursday, November 12

Materials and Fabrication

Introduction to the metal shop and other scary tools

It is now safe to download Max/MSP:Jitter for the free 30 day trial period (cycling74.com)

Tuesday, November 17


Thursday, November 19


Tuesday, November 24


Thursday, November 26


Tuesday, December 1


Thursday, December 3

Final Critique:

Bring working piece to class for a demonstration of your work.

Tuesday, December 8


Thursday, December 10


Friday, December 11

SHOW 7-10pm

Setup all day.

Non-negotiable.  You cannot pass this class without participating in the final show.


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